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Inspired by the undeniable charm of Corfu Island and powered by more than 20 years of experience in guided tours, we are here to offer travellers a whole new perspective of Corfu; not just by exploring the iconic sites of the majestic Corfu Old Town, but by discovering seldom-seen hidden gems that most tourists never get the chance to experience.

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Corfu guided tours
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We want to make a difference with our services. That’s why we craft tours and activities that go beyond the typical tourist agenda and allow travellers to save time, avoid the crowds and enjoy their tour to the utmost. And we make sure that our tours not only take travelers around Corfu, but also back in time!

Why select Corfu Perpectives Guided Tours

We offer a variety of thematic tours for everyone.

Select your tour based on your interests and passions, whether it is history, culture, archeology, architecture, modern life, ghost stories, mythology and legends, dark history, you name it! Our seasoned guides are incredibly knowledgeable and make each and every tour even more special with the details they share.

We work with experienced tour guides who love what they do.

Our professional licensed guides are the heart and soul of each and every tour. Some were born and raised in Corfu, others have lived and worked on the island for years–and all of them are eager to share their special knowledge and insider’s tips. Get ready to immerse in an unforgettable experience with their unique and authentic guiding.

We go against the flow.

This is our way to maximize enjoyment and fun. How about an evening guided tour in Corfu Old Town or a walk through the backstreets of the Corfu Modern Town? Or learn about Corfu’s mysterious legends and scary myths? Or find out about fierce events that people rarely talk about? Or discover the charming architecture of Corfu old town and learn about life during the Venetian time?

We focus on traveller experience.

That’s why we offer morning and evening walking tours, private or in groups; we blend local stories with glorious attractions and take you to off-the-beaten track destinations. It’s the best way to enjoy Corfu in all its glory and make the most of your tour, away from the crowds.


Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours


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