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Each one of our unique tours have been designed exclusively by our team of experienced guides and include many different thematic and alternative guided tours, each with its own charms and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.
Every tour is led by licensed local guides who love what they do and are passionate about sharing the charm and hidden secrets of Corfu with you.

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Corfu Guided Tour

Evening Guided Tour
in Corfu Old Town

Enjoy an atmospheric walking tour
and a glass of wine like a local!

Our Customer Reviews

  • My wife and I have been on lots of walking tours over the years in various cities but I’ve got to say this was one of the most enjoyable and rememberable, Efi is a super tour guide she had heaps of knowledge and was both engaging and informative and and spoke great English.
    We did the evening tour with wine, I expected a cheap glass of unpleasant wine but was very surprised that we were taken to one of the very nice bars overlooking the square and we were given a really good glass of wine and snacks.

    I genuinely can’t recommend The evening guided tour with wine more highly, next time we will do the ghost stories evening Tour.

  • Effie was a wonderful tour guide. She had so many fascinating stories and legends and she was so passionate about the history of Corfu. Her tour made me feel so much more connected to the island and it’s history and was so entertaining at the same time! Such an interesting way to learn about a place and it’s history. Highly recommend!!!

  • I had a wonderful experience with Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours – a special tour dedicated to legends, mysteries and ghost stories . I adored every minute spent and wanted more of this. 2 hours were not enough for me 🙂 Efi was a great guide! Her stories were interesting and intriguing. I saw the town from a different perspective and enjoyed this very much! Corfu Town Guided Tour: Ghost stories and legends. The perfect timing for this tour – a night walk – contributed for the magical atmosphere as well!

  • We took the Corfu ghost tour last Thursday and it was great. Efi is very friendly and really knows her stuff. She’s a good storyteller too. The stories themselves really make you look at Corfu town in a different way. Highly recommended!

  • For the first time, I’m so pleased with the excursion that I’m ready to recommend it to all my friends, without exception.
    Make sure to test the strength of your nerves with an incredible night tour with Efi, which for several hours will tell you the legends and stories of ghosts and Greek vampires and at the same time guide you through the labyrinths of the old city.
    Historical references, completely different and unique excursions and recommendations for visiting, you will find all this here for a very affordable price.

  • This tour was great! In addition to the thrilling stories, you learn a lot about the history of Corfu and its surroundings. The atmosphere in the alleys of the city is magical. Efi, the guide, is very friendly, smiling and competent, which makes for a pleasant time. I was on my own for this tour and both Efi and the two other participants made me feel very at ease. Thank you again!

  • The ghost tour was a great way to learn about the history of Corfu with the added interest of ghost stories and legends! We did the tour on our first night in Corfu town and throughout our stay we would refer to facts and stories Efi had told us. We recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in myths, legends and spooky stories! It was a great grounding for a wonderful visit to Corfu town.

  • This ghost tour was a lot of fun, we did it in the evening when it was dark and we heard so many great stories and saw a lot of really cool stuff! We did the tour the first night we arrived and it made us want to check a lot of the building where the stories were based on out.
    Very nice guide tour (Effie) she was so great at her job and very sweet to us all. She knew a lot and it was really fun.

  • We really enjoyed the Tour. Our Guide Was very Kind! Had a wonderfull time and saw the City in a different way. Highly recommend the Tour. Thank you very much for a wonderful time!!!

    Katta & Benni
  • The tour guide was very kind, expressive, and excited to present the amazing history and stories of Corfu. She made the stories come alive through her passionate expression and charismatic storytelling and we were captivated throughout the whole tour! The places that she took us as we went through the tour were full of history and mystery and we’re sure that people that miss this tour will miss a big part of this ancient and interesting city. If you love to learn about the hidden history and legends of the town, this tour is a must!

  • I wasn’t very sure about Corfu, as a town, until I took this tour. Now i love it! Efi shared beautiful stories about the town, its history and architecture, legends and folklore. She was able to point to random buildings on our walk, tell us about the families who built them, their story and role in history. The tour had a very positive and friendly atmosphere, Efi is a very passionate guide and happy to answer all questions about the island, and stay in touch even after the tour. We’re just sorry there was no time for us to take some of her other thematic tours, especially the Achilleion one, as we loved the palace, but we did not feel we got the whole picture. We ended up asking Efi about this building also, on her evening tour, and she filled us in.

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