Our Experienced Tourist Guides

Our Experienced Tourist Guides

We love Corfu!

Having a fantastic tour guide is the key to truly exploring a destination. That’s why we select tour guides that are knowledgeable, passionate and fully licensed to lead our tours. They all love sharing their insider-knowledge of this wonderful island with our guests. Let’s meet some of our experienced tour guides!

Experienced Tour Guides | Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours


English & German

“I was born in Germany and, at the age of 10, I moved back home to Greece with my family. I was raised and educated in Corfu. It was also here where I studied Greek History, Archeology, History of Greek Arts, Tourism and more, for 3 years at the State School of Tourist Guides.
I qualified as a professional State Tourist Guide in 2001 and I am licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism. I have received formal instruction in the German and English languages at schools in Berlin and London.
During my career as a guide, I’ve guided people of all ages and from many countries. The biggest group I’ve guided so far is 150 people! But I prefer the more intimate group sizes of Corfu Perspectives.
I have experience of working in other parts of Greece but returned to Corfu in 2007 and have lived and worked here ever since. I’ve done many excursions all around the island and walking tours in Corfu town.
In my free time I love taking strolls through the labyrinth of alleys in the historic center and soak in its mysterious atmosphere. I can’t wait to tell you about, and show you, many of the wonderful secrets of this unique town!”

Experienced Tour Guides | Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours


English & German

“I was born in Germany to Greek parents who raised me to be bilingual in German and Greek. My childhood years were spent in Bavaria and in 1984 we moved from there to live in Corfu, my father’s birthplace.
I finished my schooling here in Corfu and then went on to further study at the Guiding School of Corfu from which I graduated from in 1997. Since 1998 I have been working as a Certified Tourist Guide; guiding tours in English and German.
I love spending time outdoors with my family, exploring the multitude of hiking paths on our lovely island. I also conduct hiking tours and I am interested in herbs and herbal medicine; often stopping to collect some during a hike.
Reading and cooking are another two of my passions.
I can’t wait to meet you and to explore with you the beauties of our country .”

Experienced Tour Guides | Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours


English & Italian

“I was born and raised on Corfu where I also received my education and training as a tourist guide. I’ve been working as a tourist guide since 2006, conducting tours in both English and Italian.
A couple of my particularly favourite subjects are Corfu in Antiquity and its involvement in the Peloponnesian War; and Giacomo Casanova’s time spent on Corfu.
During my spare time I enjoy reading about the history of Corfu and its old rural traditions. I also like to explore the countryside and its villages; the town itself; and keeping myself updated with local current affairs.
The town, the countryside and the villages of Corfu provide me with so much inspiration. I’m looking forward to sharing some of this with you when I show you around this beautiful island.”

Experienced Tour Guides | Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours


English & Spanish

“I was born in Athens, where I completed my studies and graduated from Deere college. After that, I continued my education, studying Translation and Interpretation in the American Union.
In 2010 I qualified as an Official Tour Guide and started working as a guide all over Greece, including tours in Corfu. I can conduct tours in English and Spanish and my specialty is in prehistoric subjects.
During my spare time, I love to hang out with friends or do some traveling. It will be my pleasure to show you some of the secret beauties and treasures of my home country.”

Experienced Tour Guides | Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours


English, Italian & Russian

“I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I studied History and Archeology at university. As soon as I graduated I moved to Corfu in order to attend the Tourist Guide School. I fell in love with this island almost immediately so, it has been already 11 years I have lived here – 9 of which I have worked as a Tourist Guide. I speak English, Italian and Russian and I mostly enjoy tours that include cooking or archaeological sites all over my country.
In my free time I love cooking, reading, travelling or just walking around the narrow streets in Corfu Town, exploring spots I had never noticed before. With the hope I will manage to show you as many of them as possible, I look forward to welcoming you in one of the most amazing Greek islands!”

Experienced Guides | Corfu Perspectives Guided Tours



“I was born and bred in Sparta where my quest for knowledge began! I have studied History and Archaeology (University of Crete) and Museum Studies (Ionian University). I also have an MA in Folklore Studies from the University of Ioannina.
It was during my MA studies that I fell in love; first with my wife and then with Epirus (or was it the other way around!). As a member of a University research team I had the chance to explore the secrets of this marvelous place as well as the history and tradition of its people. So, I decided to stay in Ioannina and work; I’ve been an official licensed tourist guide since 2014.
Together we will take a tour to the land of myth and legend. We will follow the paths of history that lead to the ancient oracles, the Byzantine castles and citadels, the picturesque mountainous villages and the mysterious lakes. So, it begins …”


English, French & German

“I was born in the Greek town Edessa, later my family moved to Thessaloniki and, at the age of 18, I arrived on Corfu for my studies of Translation in the Ionian University. Having finished successfully my translation studies and finding out that translation as a job was too lonely for my personality, I gave the exams for the State School of Tourist Guides of the island. Since 2011 I am an official qualified tourist guide, working on Corfu and on the mainland of Greece, in English, French and German. Being absolutely in love with the island and its beauties (and it was love at first sight), it is for me a great luck that I can show those beauties to people from all around the world. In my free time I enjoy reading archaeology and history, but especially discovering paths on the green hills and mountains of my emerald island!“