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Vidos Island: The Satellite of Corfu

Day and night, all year long, ferries pass by the island of Vidos. Anybody strolling along the waterfront of Corfu...
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Old Perithia: Rising from the Ashes of Abandonment

The picturesque mountain village of Palea Perithia will transport you to a time when..
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The village of Bouas in Danilia

A charming park museum called The Bouas Village can be found in Danilia..
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Olive Oil: The Gold of Corfu and Greece

The olive tree is a sign of fertility, peace, wealth, wisdom, success ..
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Weekend Getaway to Epirus from Corfu Island

The closest mainland area for a quick weekend getaway from Corfu is the region of Epirus ..
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The Picturesque Village of Afionas

Afionas is famous for its tavernas with views of the sea, the sunset, ..
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Villa Rossa – A Historic Mansion!

Villa Rossa is an iconic building from 1864 owned by Nikolaos Aspiotis..
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A Renowned Painter’s Historic Mansion!

After many years of neglect, the restorations of Angelos Giallinas’ mansion..
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Chalikiopoulos Mansion- a Secret Treasure in The Heart of Corfu Town!

The alley of Bizi is one of Corfu's most beautiful and well-known..
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