Ten Unforgettable Things to Do in Corfu

Greece is known to be one of the world’s most sought out travel destinations for vacation. With its amazing culture and beautiful locations, Greece is the place to experience magic. Corfu is one of these magical destinations within Greece that no matter where you go you will be mesmerized by everything you see.

Whether you want to relax on vacation, go sight-seeing, or go shopping having a plan or itinerary when on vacation is key. So, here are ten unforgettable things to do in Corfu when you go and visit.

1. Scuba Diving in Paleokastritsa

If you are someone who loves the ocean and can’t get enough of searching the wonders of what the sea has to offer, then you should go scuba diving in Paleokastritsa in Corfu.

When diving in Paleokastritsa water you will see a wide variety of sea life. Alongside its diverse wildlife, you can see shipwrecks up close and personal. With its amazing clarity under the water, you will be able to see such an array of colors that you can only dream of.

You don’t have to be an experienced diver or snorkeler to join with the wonderful excursion. They have diving spots to suit all levels from beginner to experienced.

2. Hike to The Top of Pantokrator Mountain / Old Peritheia

For some, there are no days off from the gym so getting your exercise in anytime and anywhere is important for improving one’s health. One of the best things to do in Corfu is to hike the Pantokrator mountain.

If you are interested in a challenge where the reward is experiencing a breath-taking view and seeing one of Corfu’s oldest villages. Then hiking the Pantokrator mountain is where you need to go.

The Pantokrator mountain stands at 2,972 feet (906 meters) tall making it Corfu’s highest mountain and one of the most desired traveled destinations in Corfu. The best place to start the 3-hour round trip hike is on Old Peritheia which a mountain village dating back to the 14th century.

In the hike, you will go through the green forest, olive groves, and rocky terrain but all this is worth it when you reach the top. Once you conquer this feat you will be welcomed by the view of Corfu’s green countryside, sweeping coastlines, to mainland Greece and Albania, to Paxos, and the Diapontia Islands.

3. Stroll by Night Through the Alleys of Corfu Old Town

When in Corfu everyone must experience taking a walk in Campiello which is the oldest district of the old town of Corfu. Here, while walking you will feel as if you are walking back in time.

Campiello is district known for its narrow alleyways that stretch far and wide into the city like a maze. Some of these alleyways are only 30 inches (80cm) wide and you can walk aimlessly, get lost, and not be bored.

For Campiello scenery is like nothing one has experienced. You will see endless buildings with large windows and strings going across building to building with fresh laundry hanging from them.

If you book this excursion, you will see, hear, and smell what it felt like to be in the city centuries ago. Filled with laughter, music, and the scent of fresh flowers you can walk around Campiello all day and not experience a dull moment.

4. Climb to the Top of the Old Fortress for A Fantastic View Over the City

Corfu has one of the most magnificent fortresses in the world. If you are into history or admire the architecture, then stopping by Corfu Old Fortress will be the spot to go.

The Old Fortress is an architectural masterpiece. This fortress has successfully stood its ground and defended over three sieges throughout time. When walking past it you are engulfed with its size, stature, and incredible presence.

What’s amazing is that with this Corfu tour you will be able to climb to the top of Old Fortress and experience a blissful view that covers Corfu. If you turn around you can see the waves crashing against the coast and be swallowed by the view of the endless sea.

5. Climb Up to the Angels Castle and Enjoy A Breath Taken View Over the Sea

There are plenty of castles in Europe but nothing like Angels Castle due to its panoramic and beautiful view.

The Angelokastro castle is a Byzantine castle that stands at 1000 ft (305 meters) on a cliff above sea level. At the castle you can see the sea, Paleokastrista which is a village that is on the west side of Corfu, and on the other side to the north you will be able to see the Diapondia Islands.

To go to the top of the castle it does require hiking a somewhat difficult course and steps but when on top it feels like you are the king of the world. When you are on top you have one of the best seats to look at the sunset that is a one in a lifetime view.

6. Eat Bourdeto the Traditional Dish with Fish and Spicy Tomato Sauce Accompanied with Fresh Bread to Soak Up the Sauce

When traveling to a country it is always best to try their main traditional dish or what they are known for. In Corfu, one of their main dishes is known as Bourdeto.

Bourdeto is Corfu’s famous dish which is served with fish normally scorpionfish due to its rich flavor. The dish is accompanied by a tasty spicy tomato sauce that is eaten by dipping fresh bread into the sauce soaking up its flavor.

You can’t go to Corfu and not try one of its delicacy’s, that at the end of every bite will have you wanting more.

7. Visit the Archeological Museum to Admire the Impressive Medusa Relief

In Corfu, you can visit the Museum and take in the magnificent historical art pieces that have been collected for over many years.

One of these magnificent pieces of art is the Medusa Relief which stands at about 10 feet (3,18 meters) tall and use to be attached to the Temple of Artemis. The temple of Artemis was an Archaic Greek temple that was built in around 580 BC and was built by only stone.

Alongside the Medusa Relief, there are other pieces of history in the museum that takes you back in time and relive what it used to be like living back then.

8. Visit Korission Lake, Walk in the Cedar Forest, And Climb On the Dunes Next To the Sea

One of the best places to visit in Corfu is Korission Lake and stroll down the forest and try to climb on the dunes.

This destination in Corfu is amazing with its diverse findings within this location. Korission Lake is found close to the shore, but it’s segregated by the dunes that are right next to the sea. The dunes are were there approximately 140,000 and 250,000 years ago making the Korission lake not able to spill into the sea.

Within the lushes’ green forest, and lagoon you will be able to find approximately 126 species of birds including flamingos going about their lives in the wild.

9. Walk in Paleopolis and swim in Kardaki beach

Corfu has many wonderful beaches in the area but one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Corfu is Kardaki beach.

Kardaki beach isn’t like any beach that you have been to. Karadki beach is surrounded by a green forest with a large assortment of plants and old that gives it life. What’s more is around the beach within the small forest there are excavations from the ancient town of Corfu known as Paleopolis.

When walking in Paleopolis is like walking through a museum, filled with the foundations of ancient buildings that no matter where you look you will be astonished by the view. The beach also has crystal blue water that almost enchants you with every look.

If you are looking to go for a swim or take an adventure through Paleopolis you will not be disappointed with what you will encounter.

10. Watch the airplanes landing from the Kanoni-Perama bridge

Walking around Corfu you will be surprised by what you find in the city. In the Kanoni-Perama bridge, you will be able to see planes land from time to time.

Kanoni is a busy tourist area where there are some hotels, apartments, restaurants, cafeterias, and bars. Kanoni is located in a beautiful area, next to the airport of Corfu. Corfu airport is only one landing strip but it is still very busy especially in the summer due to the tourist flying all around the world to visit Corfu.

Normally people watch planes take off from a distance either in the airport or when you are looking up at the sky. Here in Kanoni-Perama bridge you will get a more personal touch with having the plane take off or come in the airstrip only accouple of feet above you. At that distance it feels as if you can touch the belly of the plane yourself. You just never get tired from watching up close how a plane lands and hearing the jet engine as it roars.

No matter what you do in Corfu, it is no coincidence that thousands of tourists come to visit Corfu every year. So, come down and see what everyone else sees in Corfu and experience magic!

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