Things to see in Corfu

For many years now has Greece been one of the most popular holiday destinations for many Europeans.
Did you know that the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, princess Sissi, loved Greece and especially Corfu? So much so that she built the Palace of Achillion on the island. One can assume that if even the Empress spent her holidays here, then the island must have something very special about it.

Corfu, the green island with many places to visit

Over the years, Corfu has earned the name of the green island, because of its many trees (olives, oranges, lemons, acacias), which are so typical for Corfu. Not only is the splendour of the blossoming trees in spring captivating; the scent of the acacias on warm May nights is something that cannot be described in words.
Corfu is the only city on the island. Here visitors will find many attractions that annually draw thousands of people to the island. Once plundered by pirates, attacked several times by the Ottomans, under 400 years of Venetian reign and finally conquered by the French and later by Britain, is, what has shaped the very diverse culture.
Many people claim that Corfu was the perfect holiday destination because it has something to offer for every visitor. Whether you are enjoying the beach or making Corfu tours to the many attractions and sights, this island has so much to offer; you will certainly not be bored.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the top 10 things to do in Corfu.

Let me start with the attraction that I already mentioned at the beginning; the Palace of Achilleion. This Corfu attraction is already 130 years old. Because the Empress admired the demigod and hero Achilles, she dedicated this magnificent building to him. Today this Corfu attraction is a small museum, which is dedicated to the life of the Empress and Achilles.
After the Empress Sissi was assassinated in 1898, Emperor Wilhelm II. bought the estate and appointed it to his summer residence. It was only after the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles that Corfu returned to Greek ownership.
A truly magnificent place to visit in Corfu! And while you are there, don’t forget to marvel at the beautiful garden surrounding the palace.

The Palace of Mon Repos

The Palace of Mon Repos is one of the best places to visit in Corfu. This attraction is a unique experience for all friends of the monarchy. Mon Repos was built in the year 1826 in a neoclassical style. About 100 years on, in 1921, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, was to be born here.
Although the summer residence has not lost any of its splendour, it is now only a museum which houses, among other things, archaeological finds from Corfu.

St. Spyridon Church

The church, as you see it today, was built in the 16th century and houses the relics of Saint Spyridon to whom the church was dedicated.
During the four processions that take place in Corfu throughout the year, the wooden shrine of Spyridon is carried through the streets of the city. Pilgrims are praying to the saint for healing and good will.
Every Palm Sunday, the saint is remembered as it is said that he saved the citizens of the city from the plague in 1630.
According to legend, Spyridon had saved the citizens of Corfu from famine as early as 1550. He was also said to have averted the siege of the Turks in 1716.
In other words, if you want to see one of the most enchanting places in Corfu, then the St. Spyridon church is just the right thing for you! Today the St. Spyridon church belongs to one of the most important places where pilgrims come from all around the world.

Palea Períthia

The village of Palea Períthia is one of those Corfu attractions that you must not miss when visiting the island. This village is the only uninhabited mountain village of Corfu and is situated on the slope of Pantokrator Mountain, high above all other villages. It is worth mentioning that this is the highest mountain of Corfu. Of the 130 houses that once existed, only a few remain, which have been adapted as taverns for the hikers who march to the top of the mountain. Only after the Second World War the last inhabitant left the aging village. The citizens settled further down the coast, in Néa Períthia and the mountain village slowly was forgotten. Palea Períthia surely is a Corfu excursion worth making. Palea Períthia is the only village with Venetian influence.

The Old Fortress

Another place to visit in Corfu is the Old Fortress. It impresses with its size and even from afar you cannot miss it. However, to get to the Fortress, you must cross a bridge.
The history of the Fortress goes back to the 6th century. However, over the years it was rebuilt several times. The inner buildings were built by the English in the 19th century.
From inside the Fortress, you can also admire a unique view of the Ionian Sea. The Old Fortress is suitable for an exciting walking tour.

The Korission Lake

Korission Lake is another recommended Corfu tour. Although this lake is close to the sea, it contains freshwater as well as saltwater. The 5 km long and 1 km wide lagoon, is surrounded by reeds and dunes. Today it is a nature reserve that attracts tourists from all over the world. In addition to the reeds, you can also admire white lilies.

The beaches of Corfu

Even if you love the city of Corfu with its rich history, and many things to see, you cannot go past the best places in Corfu, its amazing beaches!

  • Glyfada Beach
    This beach is located on the west coast and is perhaps better known as the “Golden Beach”.
  • Paleokastritsa
    This beach in Corfu is one of the most popular and most photographed beaches on the island. Visitors can enjoy the pleasures of six different coves.
  • Porto Tomoni
    Because of its shape this beach is also called Butterfly Bay. You can reach this beach either through the hiking trail or by a boat. An excursion to this Corfu attraction should not be missing on any visit.

Kanoni and Mouse Island

Kanoni and Mouse Island are among the top attractions in Corfu. Before you visit the Mouse Island, it is recommended to enjoy the view from Kanoni.
From here you continue to Mouse Island. You can hire a boat, which leaves in a 20 min interval from the jetty. The trip to Mouse Island takes about 10 minutes. Already on this Corfu excursion to Mouse Island, it is recommended that you appreciate the 12th-century chapel. The small boot will pick up visitors in 20 min interval.
Mouse Island is the hallmarks of the island and has its righteous place among the best places to visit in Corfu.

Two other unforgettable things to see and to do in Corfu

  • The Byzantine Museum. This church is famous for its exhibition of icons from the 15th – 19th century.
  • Angelokastro. Another thing to see in Corfu is this castle with its splendid chapel.