Why Visit Corfu: Your Corfu Holiday Guide

Corfu is a gorgeous Greek island in the Ionian Sea and home to soft sandy beaches, white cliffs and green mountains all year round. It’s rich multi-cultural history, amazing people and traditions make this a magical place off the northwest coast of Greece.

If you love natural wonders, then you’ll love Corfu for its colourful scenery. You’ll find exotic views from many of the high mountain villages scattered around the island along with historic mansions and bustling squares in the villages.

Hiking During Your Corfu Holiday

Corfu is a paradise for hikers and nature seekers. There are peaceful hiking paths through the olive groves and walks through decorative oleander trees with wildflowers that change colors all year round.

Hikers can amble through sprawling vineyards and seek ancient olive trees, some hundreds of years old. You’ll find cypress trees, orange trees, lemon trees and kumquat trees which the locals use to make sweets and liquors that you can buy as souvenirs.

The Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit on Your Corfu Holiday

Corfu beaches are unlike any other island in the world. You can enjoy the sun kissed sandy beaches on the west, and gorgeous white pebble beaches in the east. You can take a boat to visit unspoiled coves of Paleokastritsa hidden under white cliffs covered in greenery.

Just south of Alonaki bay you’ll find a once in a lifetime sight. A clear strip of sand bordering Lake Korrision and the Ionian Sea. Stand between the sea and saltwater lake and you’ll spot white Egrets with clear orange beaks and migrating flamingos that sometimes come to fish in these rich waters.

The Sidari cliffs swirl and curve with gorgeous rocks poking out the clear blue-green waters. Atop the white cliffs, every shade of green with pink and purple flowers grab your eye behind a backdrop of clean blue skies and fluffy clouds stretching towards the horizon.

The Historic World Heritage Town Center

When you’re not relaxing on golden beaches, you can lose yourself in the historic town center and its labyrinth of tight alleys. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a living open-air museum. Walk between tall colorful Venetian style buildings and narrow streets with washing lines above your head.

There is a rich mix of cultures in this unique Greek island. It’s years of history come from the Venetian, French and British rule before it unified with Greece in 1864 and became the island we know today. Most of Corfu’s architecture comes from the Venitian rule, from the French rule a building like the Rue de Rivoli in Paris with cafes to match, and more architecture from the British rule with huge mansions and palaces.

Visit the palace of saint Michael and George with the Museum of Asian art inside, is the only one in Greece with a huge collection of works and the Mon Repos mansion where prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband was born. The Achilleion palace just 10km south of the city is another gorgeous palace with statues of Ancient Greek mythology decorating the building. To the north are gorgeous panoramic city views, and to the south you’ll see all the way to the Ionian Sea. These are three of the palaces now open when you visit Corfu.

Visit the Modern Town of Corfu

Apart from the old town, Corfu has an interesting modern town as well. Both are very connected and used by locals the whole year round. You’ll find sprawling mansions, interesting museums and bustling town squares surrounded by restaurants and shops.

Corfu Town is in the heart of the island and connects with all resorts on the coastal sides. The town and surrounding villages have many churches with tall belfries that you can see between the roofs of the towering Venetian buildings. Corfu has a long cultural history with popular painters and musicians, and today has about 18 philharmonic orchestras. Corfu attracts many students who study music in the Ionian University and you can sometimes hear them or other bands playing classical music as you stroll through the cobblestone streets of the town.

Visit Corfu for its Ancient City & History

Corfu has a long history since 8th century BC and excavations from ancient civilizations litter the island. The main ancient city was very close to the modern town, on the peninsula of Kanoni.

There, you can find the foundations of ancient buildings and visit the archeological museums with collections of interesting findings. The oldest excavation was dug in 1911 and exposed the limestone pediment of Medusa and the Temple of Artemis from 580 BC.

The history of Corfu becomes even more interesting as pirates raided the land and Ottomans attempted to occupy Corfu under Venetian rule but never succeeded. Then two world wars passed through Corfu leaving many ruins from these bombings and attacks.

Local Corfu Shops & Food

Corfu is famous for its meat, fish, pasta and herbs and the vegetarian cuisine is worth the visit alone. English, Italian and Greek influences combine to make an enticing selection of dishes.

Corfu is famous for its pressed olive oil so during your Corfu holiday you’ll be sniffing at the air and smelling the sweet scent of olives. You can enjoy feta salads and souvlaki (meat skewers) and foods from other cultures. Sample the fresh tomatoes, wine cooked meats and root vegetables and spices you can sniff a street away.

The old town is full of cafes and taverns with traditional Italian and Greek dishes. There are grill rooms and taverns where you can enjoy traditional beers and cozy summer bars at the coast that make Corfu a nightlife hotspot for locals and travelers.

The modern town is the main place to find local fashion shops and cafes. You’ll also find delicious pastries and confectionary in local sweet shops with fresh ice cream and fruits from around the island. Walk into olive shops with olive soaps and olive wood utensils and beautiful jewellery made of silver and gold.

How To Visit Corfu - Corfu Airport & Local Travel

Corfu’s airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias” has international flights and very good connections during winter with Athens and Thessaloniki cities. The island connects with Italian ports during the entire year and is very close to mainland Greece and other islands. This gives you the opportunity to explore more beautiful parts of Greece during your holiday.

If you plan on staying in Corfu town, then getting around by foot or sticking to buses is the easiest option. If you’d like to explore more of the island, then you can rent a car and enjoy more freedom and flexibility during your Corfu holiday.

Why Visit Corfu

Corfu is easy to visit and difficult to leave since everyone who comes to this beautiful island in the heart of the Ionian Sea, falls in love.

Corfu is an island for curious travelers who seek adventure and want to learn about its remarkable history, art, culture and local customs. It’s an island where locals mix with travelers in the big Spianáda square and the promenade.

Corfu is one of the most interesting and diverse Greek islands. It’s why tourists and travelers come from far and wide to taste the cuisine, learn the history, and relax on golden beaches surrounded by white cliffs, green hills and the most perfect turquoise water.

It’s time, to visit Corfu.